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Matthew Engler, Esq. and Allyson Bloom, Esq. are attorneys in BSG Law’s Frederick office and are proud to serve Frederick and other communities in Western Maryland. Their practice primarily deals with workers’ compensation and personal injury, but the firm also handles medical malpractice, social security disability, and trusts and estates cases. The 31-year-old firm started with three lawyers sharing a single telephone line in Gaithersburg and has expanded to 25 lawyers in three fully staffed offices in Gaithersburg, Frederick and Baltimore. 

They represent public safety employees, truck drivers, teachers and other injured workers but will gladly represent “anyone with a legitimate injury that needs our help,” Engler said. “We ensure that our clients receive the appropriate medical care and monetary compensation for their injuries.”

 Engler explained that the firm has a particular expertise in public safety cases. “We deal with thousands of cases on behalf of police officers, firefighters and corrections officers, but we are by no means limited to them. We also represent a wide variety of professions, including teachers and nurses,” he said. 

Engler joined the firm as an associate in 2016 and became a partner in January, while Bloom has been an associate with the firm since 2017 and just celebrated her five-year work anniversary. A Frederick resident and Maryland native, Matt graduated from The George Washington University Law School. He once prosecuted criminal cases for the State’s Attorney’s Office in Frederick, which prepared him well for his BSG position. Bloom, a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, grew up in Frederick and specializes in workers’ compensation cases for firefighters, teachers, and delivery drivers. 

Engler said, “clients who get hurt are stressed, scared to have a potentially career-limiting or career ending-injury. They’re worried about whether they can support their families at the same level.” Workers’ compensation and personal injury cases can go on for several years and as such, Engler said, “We get to know clients well; they are like extended family. We are their partners, their zealous advocates. We understand that they need to get back to work safely.”

By: Ellyn Wexler

Lena Clark Talks Law

Law Office of Lena A. Clark, LLC
129 W. Patrick St., #11, Frederick

As humans, we are forced to face the facts: Our lives are finite, and sometimes end
unpredictably. Perhaps the best way to alleviate anxiety about such dismal realities is to plan
ahead and do the legal work necessary to ensure all is in order for our loved ones.

The Law Office of Lena A. Clark, LLC, helps clients make the processes of estate planning and
probate easy and relatively painless. Clark, who opened her downtown Frederick office in 2015, grew up in Estonia and has lived in the United States for 23 years. About eight years ago, she moved to Frederick.
“I was amazed at how awesome it is,” she recalled.

Although Clark worked on a wide range of cases after earning a juris doctorate from the
Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, she opted to narrow her areas of
specialty for her own firm.

Clark’s practice focuses on wills, trusts, special needs law, estate planning, trust and estate
administration, family trust matters, and on related areas of federal and state tax laws involving
transfers of family wealth to succeeding generations, and planning for after-death disposition of
property. She advises clients on estate planning documents and works closely with fiduciaries
on probate and trust administration matters.

Clark is assisted in her practice by law clerk Matthew Bendorf, a recent graduate of the
University of Baltimore School of Law who has lived in the Frederick area for more than 21

Clark is proud of having created a “streamlined process of making a will,” the prospect of which
is “dreadful to most people” because of the time, expense and psychological implications.
“When the documents have been prepared and executed, it’s like having insurance in place …
and we make it easy and fast,” Clark said.

“Everyone over age 18 should have this in place – in case anything happens,” Clark added,
noting that “a lot of young people have come in to prepare these basic documents in recent

Empowering Success: How Frederick County's Economic Development Fosters Growth and Diversity in Business

A passionate team of economic development experts helps companies succeed in Frederick County. The
growing, thriving, vibrant, and diverse area is ideal for starting, expanding, or relocating a business.
The leaders of the Frederick County Economic and Workforce Division -- made up of the Frederick
County Office of Economic Development (FCOED) and Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) --
bring substantial experience and knowledge to the county’s economic and workforce development.

The four strong, professional women that lead these agencies champion Frederick County’s growth. For
FCOED, they are Jodie Bollinger, Acting Executive Director; Katie Stevens, Director of Workforce
Development and Agriculture Business, and Beth Woodring, Director of Business Attraction and Finance.
Michelle Day serves as Director of FCWS.

Bollinger strives to make a positive difference in the business community by leading, connecting, and
offering solutions to assist businesses interested in starting, expanding, or relocating in Frederick.
Woodring’s passion is fostering and maintaining a strong relationship with clients based on trust,
integrity, and commitment to outstanding customer service. Stevens is guided by a desire to help the
business community continue to grow and diversify operations, and to ensure that agriculture remains a
viable industry for the next generation of farmers. Day’s motivations are learning and public service. “I
feel fortunate to lead a department that makes a difference for Frederick County residents and
businesses,” she said.

Economic development encourages business and job growth, while workforce development ensures
individuals have the education, skills, and training needed to get jobs. Together, the divisions work
closely with Frederick County businesses and job seekers to remain and sustain a strong economic
position in the region.

FCOED and FCWS go hand in hand, with FCOED both attracting and retaining businesses and FCWS
working with the businesses to assist in getting the employees they need to be up and running, and
providing training programs to enhance and retain the workforce.
Together, they have worked to attract, retain and grow our business community including such
companies as Kite Pharma, Ellume, Kroger/Ocado, Costco eCommerce, Flying Dog Brewery and
Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. This team’s passion drives progress for Frederick County.