Empowering Success: How Frederick County's Economic Development Fosters Growth and Diversity in Business

Economic development encourages business and job growth, while workforce development ensures individuals have the education, skills, and training needed to get jobs
April 17, 2023

A passionate team of economic development experts helps companies succeed in Frederick County. The
growing, thriving, vibrant, and diverse area is ideal for starting, expanding, or relocating a business.
The leaders of the Frederick County Economic and Workforce Division -- made up of the Frederick
County Office of Economic Development (FCOED) and Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) --
bring substantial experience and knowledge to the county’s economic and workforce development.

The four strong, professional women that lead these agencies champion Frederick County’s growth. For
FCOED, they are Jodie Bollinger, Acting Executive Director; Katie Stevens, Director of Workforce
Development and Agriculture Business, and Beth Woodring, Director of Business Attraction and Finance.
Michelle Day serves as Director of FCWS.

Bollinger strives to make a positive difference in the business community by leading, connecting, and
offering solutions to assist businesses interested in starting, expanding, or relocating in Frederick.
Woodring’s passion is fostering and maintaining a strong relationship with clients based on trust,
integrity, and commitment to outstanding customer service. Stevens is guided by a desire to help the
business community continue to grow and diversify operations, and to ensure that agriculture remains a
viable industry for the next generation of farmers. Day’s motivations are learning and public service. “I
feel fortunate to lead a department that makes a difference for Frederick County residents and
businesses,” she said.

Economic development encourages business and job growth, while workforce development ensures
individuals have the education, skills, and training needed to get jobs. Together, the divisions work
closely with Frederick County businesses and job seekers to remain and sustain a strong economic
position in the region.

FCOED and FCWS go hand in hand, with FCOED both attracting and retaining businesses and FCWS
working with the businesses to assist in getting the employees they need to be up and running, and
providing training programs to enhance and retain the workforce.
Together, they have worked to attract, retain and grow our business community including such
companies as Kite Pharma, Ellume, Kroger/Ocado, Costco eCommerce, Flying Dog Brewery and
Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. This team’s passion drives progress for Frederick County.

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