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Frederick Faces features the people behind the businesses and non-profits in Frederick County. Check out our 2023 issue to see the most fascinating faces in our neighborhood. 
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Frederick Faces

Who are the local people that help provide goods and services to Frederick County, Maryland residents, and visitors every day? Pulse’s annual Frederick FACES publication answers this question by producing a glossy print magazine filled with these individuals’ stories. A wide variety of businesses and organizations are featured, offering readers the opportunity to learn more about these people as well as the business or organizations they serve.

Featuring only 50 area FACES, the publication puts each subject in a distinct category, so those participating get exclusive marketing for their specific categories, such as education, childcare, boutiques, and baked goods. Frederick FACES’s goal is that readers discover the deeper stories behind the people they recognize as well as get to know the faces they have not yet encountered.

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2024 Issue |
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